Two  most prominent enemies:exam time and sleep 

Since my exams are approaching, and I am also going the same vicious cycle of two most prominent enemies during exam sleep and studying. I thought why not to share it with you all. 

I myself as a person have difficulty in sleeping, most of days I suffer from not sleeping soundsound, though I spend good no of hours lying in bed. I read many articles about how to cure this problem. Every where answer was the same,I have to become discipline and become punctual with my sleeping timings. 

And as usual I failed to do both. But the moment I come to know only some days have been left for exams. I feel like books are my sleeping pills and the moment I saw them I just fell asleep 

Jokes apart the reason is stress and lack of concentration. I feel so much stressed due to notion of exam that I tend to sleep more and more. The stress cause to switch off my mind, and send signals that I need to sleep. 

Then I start to look for the things so that I can save myself to  fall into the sleep trap. And I realized that I can do this if I push myself to a certain hourshours, so that I can maintain my sleep cycle. 

Well I must say have achieved  some success here but still need to do more. I realized it’s all mind game. It’s all about the inputs you gave to your brain if you will send positive signals, be determined, work on your schedule and routine you can do anything. 


How much is too much

Indian society is in transcending phase, here parents teach their kids to dream big#(not to big), fly(not to high), it’s better to not to teach them and let them explore them on their own. These lines are so casual and common that in hindsight, we have actually forget, the depth and impact on a child’s future. 

How much is too much needs to be defined,i.e how much be parents in their kids life, how much they be into it. It’s so open to debate. And it’s been debated for so long. 

Generation gap, generation issues were always there and will there always be. All we need to do  is to give some space, so that everyone can breath. 

Dreams should not be restricted, and flies can never be slow down. Dream big fly high. If nothing you can do atleast try

Direct from the heart 

I always wanted to write atleast this was something, I was always aspiring to dodo. And finally after so many ears have listened to my heart and started with this blog. I am not hoping to be famous or fabulous with my Grammer, I just want to write and that’s it

Birthday blues :mia and rishi

“Being in a commited relationship sometimes becomes the source of pain in life and one starts to thinkthink, the other scenario of wishful thinking, like it would have been better if I have been singl, atleast  won’t feel so lonely and sad being in a relationship with someone.”

That was exact thought going on mom’s mind. Rishi has never been so emotionally vermin as Mia wanted him and sometimes  rather than giving comfort he ends up giving more pain and issues. 

Samething happened again, it’s Mia birthday two days from today, and rishi is sick of bacterial infection.due to past so many issues, Mia had hurt lot of hurt, and she didn’t wanted him to be there. 

But when he finally said he won’t be coming,in not so please take manner she felt hurt. 

Mia cried and her anger busted out, with all frustration. Irony was she was all alone and shouting. So no one knew that.

Poor Mia she felt she is compromising on everything and now her birthday too. She sat sadly and become determined that, she will not let her happiness depend on anyone and be more independent  and fierce. 

The hurt game continues  part 2:mia and rishi

Mia and rishi met under very unusual circumstances, and what was more unusual was that, they managed to survive with each other for the continuing three years. 

Mia and rishi were first and true love of each other, both fell for each other at very mature age at a point where falling in someone love is difficult, as both the individual are grown up. 

God only knows how the miracle happen and they manage, they both feel the  same way at least. 

These three years have not been so easy for them. With lot of hurt and past baggages. Which led us to present situation of fight and hurt

Rishi knows deep inside that how wrong he is and how much damage he was causing, but because of his own incapacity, he was not  able to do anything 

On the  other hand Mia, also distracted herself and started to recover. They both realize even fighting was not the answer as in the situation they are trapped in only time is the solution 

The hurt game continues :Mia and rishi

I feel silent I side exploding with hurt and grief exclaims Mia. Sitting on a rocking chair in her room, headphones plugged, with full internal emotional turmoil. It’s been three years for Mia and ridhi being together both are in their age Mia 27 and rishi 29.things lately have started to turnout very disturbing and draining for Mia. 

Two days back again things got repeated. 

Rishi: Mia you should let your hurts know me. 

Mia:I don’t want, as somethings got repeated, and I don’t want to be lashed out and hurthurt. 

Things turn out exactly what Mia told. She explains how hurt she has been feeling from him and he again turned lashes out at hurt, not just for sometime full night 

And now we are here in present time. Mia feeling sad and hurt and rishi again asks her same question. 

Mia replies, I am tired and fed up of you, how selfish and self centric you are, you have drained my feelings and emotions outout. You have made me so miserable that, once used to be cheerful and bubbly girl, now a dead within inside. But alas again she was not able to speak out because of her love. 

The deciding factor

Well the title suggest it’s about life or death situation. Or worse being a girl post “pregnancy scare”. Well it’s about other deciding factor. I am going to start story of two individual and their story is all about deciding factor. They are rishi and Mia. Now I will be writing series of stories from their life under the deciding factor of rishi and mia

The legend of tarzan

I am so impressed and mesmerized by the movie, it’s just had left me so awestruck with it. The way jane says “a normal man does impossible to save the women he loves he is no normal man” have just left deep impact. The way this movie has portrayed him. I am totally In love with it. It’s like embracing what you are. Accepting your destiny and winning over it. Loving truly without any bounds. People find my expression of these human emotions wired I feel they are wired if they are not able to embrace it 

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