Waqt ne Kiya kya Hasee sitam

Ahh ,finally some glucose or god knows what rushed into my mind and I am here writting again.dont know why I was not able to write despite having so many ideas , thoughts to share.i used to open every day my blog in my phone ( yes,I do blogging via my phone through WordPress app).

I don’t know how many times I check my phone to see my blog ,I just don’t know.i follow a serial called kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi which airs on sonytv 9pm Monday to Friday.the story basically revolves around a couple who is in love from different cultures, finally got married.but our hero is mama boy and too much interference of his mother in their married life,he being ignoring the feeling of his dearest wife,leads  to seperating their way from each other.

And hence the new promo came with 7 years leap with background music of waqt ne Kiya kya Haseen sitam Tum rahe na Tum hum rahe na hum.

Suddenly something impacted me ,and I realised no matter how much you love each other but being with one another in a marriage especially. Tests you out.

We all live in fancy world and world of “kash “(what if ).But in reality we don’t want to face our demons,we don’t want to set our basis right at all.but yes we really do want to live so called commitment free yet with full of love life.

We deliberately ignore our partners in every possible way ,then we think everything is fine until one day the bomb explodes and every thing is gone.and then we blame our significant others without thinking about what actually went wrong and what we did wrong.



Yes change,its a word we almost use on daily basis .be it changing our attitude ,our looks,the way we see life,the way we eat etc etc.we use ‘change’a lot.but do we really understand what it means?.

Well I don’t know about others but for me,i am still understanding it’s meaning.life is never constant it keeps on changing.yes again ‘change’.but that’s the truth .even we don’t accept we change.But in reality,we as a individual,as a family , associety,as lovers,as family we all change.

Then why and when the conflict arises? conflict arises when we don’t accept the change and most importantly rather than embracing it,we start to see it faults.

If we want to live life to the fullest,we really really need to accept the change which happens in our life.change whether good or bad initially causes pain,its very basic as human being we are used to certain ways of our habits .be it anything the way we love,we eat we pray or we dress and the list goes on.

And when these patterns got disturbed or change we react,though we might feel bad and sad but when we realize it’s essence we become comfortable with it.

For some its very painful,and for some its very painful too but the manage to deal with it well.

So what we need to do is to accept that life will never be same,nor it has to be.change should be embraced and understand.and lately be appreciated.thiigh everyone outcome might not come good or desirable but again in the end we will learn something about ‘change’

The make it ultra bloggers award

I feel thrilled and very happy. thank you  Annchal for nominating me for this award.


The MakeItUltra™ Blogger Award is an award given to bloggers by bloggers for quality content, originality and presentation. The intention of this award is to encourage connectivity and support in the blogging community and to increase exposure for individual bloggers.


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MakeItUltra™ Blogger Award questions-

What is your name?

Womaniya returns 

Where are you from?

New Delhi, India.

How long have you been blogging and why did you start?

It’s been 2 months, I am regularly writing my blog, though I created it one year back. 

What are you most proud of? 


What are your blogging goals?

I blog to connect and to share my thoughts. Also to know others way of thinking and Learn and appreciate them

How do you spend your free time? Blogging and reading 

Nominate 1-8 blogs that you feel deserve the award and provide links.


Tales of life

The livingme






Where to seek strength

It’s a saying that “nobody can hit you harder than your life”. I truly believe in  it. When life hits you, no matter how strong you are, how much support, strength you have nothing can save you. And in those moments the one most prominent thought arrive in our mind is that “where to seek strength”. 

It’s most basic nature of human being that in their most weak state they have a tendency of seeking strength, so that they can again stand up. 

But the most prominent question is to from where the strength must arrive so that, we thrive in this situation. 

Is it from a loved one, our partners, friends. Well they can give us support, positivity. But the strength with which we can again strike back, who can still that, or taught that. 

The true strength comes from within us and nowhere else. We have to look inside ourselves and seek answers. The questions we Harbour, are coming from deep within us, so the answers must be also seek from there only. 
In our weakest moment we only give us strength and the motivation to strike back and hit back hard in face of life. 

Even when there is no one for us, no one understand us, motivate us. We always stays with ourselves. And we should never forget the fact,  that no matter how hard life hit us, we can always bounce back hard. In our those weak moment, all we need to do is to look inside ourselves and seek strength. 

Me and my diary

Since childhood, writing diary has played very important part in my life. And that part is becoming more and more important with each passing year of my life. 

I remember, I was very different from rest of my friends in terms of my thinking, honesty, the way I thought. Which in a way make me a kind of loner, because I was not following the crowd for eg I never did any tuition, still used to come on 2,3,1,4 ranks. Which was kind of undigestive for my classmates as well as my teachers(who cares now about that). 

And those were just not any duration of my time, those were my adolescent period. At that time we all have felt anger, frustration, enmity from everyone (parents are no exception, feel like everyone agrees on it). 

So then I discovered my honest and best friend, you can call it my companion also. I. E my dear diary. 

Everytime, it has given me strength, company like a true best friend. In a conservative society like ours, if you dare to think different, think good for society  you need to have a reliable trustworthy friend. For me it was, it is, it will be my diary. 

It has help me grow as a better person at last I feel that. In sometime will also write how to start your diary, in case anyone wants to try my best friend. Love you guys. 

Reboot will happen soon:mia and rishi 

Hi I guys, though I said, I will b  writing short story on Mia and rishi. But it got halted. My apologies will soon reboot it and present it with freshness, and everything. Will be needing your opinions too as well. Love you all bye 

Stories that touched my heart 

1.puss ki raat by munshi premchand

Premchand is known for his depiction of poor farmers and middle class family. This story in comic way show the irony of a debt ridden farmer. How he got only 3bucks,and in those three bucks either he can repay loan or buy himself a blanket, the story takes an unusual turn when he has to guard his fields on the chillies night of winter I. E puss ki raat. I insist you all to read it. It’s light yet heart melting. 

2.The necklace by  Guy de Maupassant

It is a story about a young ambitious lady and her unfulfilled life ambitions. How just by borrowing a necklace by her friend turns her life up and down. It’s a story which stays very deep and long in my heart. .

3.leaving home by jabbar patel

It’s a story about the chronicle of a mother and wife journey to leave her in laws and child behind to make her own identity. In all this how her husband stand strong and supports her in that conservative society really captivated my mind. 

I have more stories to share with you guys. The more I keep recalling them, will keep on posting them. Thanks and love you all


Ek kudi

“Ek kudi Jida naam mohabbat gum hai”

It translates into, a girl whose is love is found nowhere. It’s a song from the movie “udta punjab”. 

This move showed drug and addicted aspect of the punjab, which we intentionally tend to ignore in the coolness of Punjabi. 

This song ek kudi, depict the misery of a migrant bihari laborer, who was innocently caught in the Web of drug, addiction and prostitution. 

It pained my heart to see that, then I realized it’s not just the case of one girl but many hundreds of them. The irony was that girl was state hockey champion but due to lack of finances she was working as a laborer in a farm. 

I strongly feel that, it’s time that people should realize and accept the things which are happening I their own country and their own nation. Nothing can be changed on one night, but a lot can happen, if we just started to accept the things. 

Direct from the heart part 2:Thank you note

I Want to thank all of guys, you following me, liking me, replying to my posts, I feel more of a company in WordPress. Because of all you I am getting application and a strong will to write more and express my thoughts. Honest confession, before starting this blog, I was feeling very alone depressed, stressed. I don’t know what exactly clicked, but it did work. Thank you again to all of you once again. 

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