Waqt ne Kiya kya Hasee sitam

Ahh ,finally some glucose or god knows what rushed into my mind and I am here writting again.dont know why I was not able to write despite having so many ideas , thoughts to share.i used to open every day my blog in my phone ( yes,I do blogging via my phone through WordPress app).

I don’t know how many times I check my phone to see my blog ,I just don’t know.i follow a serial called kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi which airs on sonytv 9pm Monday to Friday.the story basically revolves around a couple who is in love from different cultures, finally got married.but our hero is mama boy and too much interference of his mother in their married life,he being ignoring the feeling of his dearest wife,leads  to seperating their way from each other.

And hence the new promo came with 7 years leap with background music of waqt ne Kiya kya Haseen sitam Tum rahe na Tum hum rahe na hum.

Suddenly something impacted me ,and I realised no matter how much you love each other but being with one another in a marriage especially. Tests you out.

We all live in fancy world and world of “kash “(what if ).But in reality we don’t want to face our demons,we don’t want to set our basis right at all.but yes we really do want to live so called commitment free yet with full of love life.

We deliberately ignore our partners in every possible way ,then we think everything is fine until one day the bomb explodes and every thing is gone.and then we blame our significant others without thinking about what actually went wrong and what we did wrong.


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