Yes change,its a word we almost use on daily basis .be it changing our attitude ,our looks,the way we see life,the way we eat etc etc.we use ‘change’a lot.but do we really understand what it means?.

Well I don’t know about others but for me,i am still understanding it’s is never constant it keeps on changing.yes again ‘change’.but that’s the truth .even we don’t accept we  change.But in reality,we as a individual,as a family , associety,as lovers,as family we all change.

Then why and when the conflict arises? conflict arises when we don’t accept the change and most importantly rather than embracing it,we start to see it faults.

If we want to live life to the fullest,we really really need to accept the change which happens in our life.change whether good or bad initially causes pain,its very basic as human being we are used to certain ways of our habits .be it anything the way we love,we eat we pray or we dress and the list goes on.

And when these patterns got disturbed or change we react,though we might feel bad and sad but when we realize it’s essence we become comfortable with it.

For some its very painful,and for some its very painful too but the manage to deal with it well.

So what we need to do is to accept that life will never be same,nor it has to be.change should be embraced and understand.and lately be appreciated.thiigh everyone outcome might not come good or desirable but again in the end we will learn something about ‘change’


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