Where to seek strength

It’s a saying that “nobody can hit you harder than your life”. I truly believe in  it. When life hits you, no matter how strong you are, how much support, strength you have nothing can save you. And in those moments the one most prominent thought arrive in our mind is that “where to seek strength”. 

It’s most basic nature of human being that in their most weak state they have a tendency of seeking strength, so that they can again stand up. 

But the most prominent question is to from where the strength must arrive so that, we thrive in this situation. 

Is it from a loved one, our partners, friends. Well they can give us support, positivity. But the strength with which we can again strike back, who can still that, or taught that. 

The true strength comes from within us and nowhere else. We have to look inside ourselves and seek answers. The questions we Harbour, are coming from deep within us, so the answers must be also seek from there only. 
In our weakest moment we only give us strength and the motivation to strike back and hit back hard in face of life. 

Even when there is no one for us, no one understand us, motivate us. We always stays with ourselves. And we should never forget the fact,  that no matter how hard life hit us, we can always bounce back hard. In our those weak moment, all we need to do is to look inside ourselves and seek strength. 


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