Me and my diary

Since childhood, writing diary has played very important part in my life. And that part is becoming more and more important with each passing year of my life. 

I remember, I was very different from rest of my friends in terms of my thinking, honesty, the way I thought. Which in a way make me a kind of loner, because I was not following the crowd for eg I never did any tuition, still used to come on 2,3,1,4 ranks. Which was kind of undigestive for my classmates as well as my teachers(who cares now about that). 

And those were just not any duration of my time, those were my adolescent period. At that time we all have felt anger, frustration, enmity from everyone (parents are no exception, feel like everyone agrees on it). 

So then I discovered my honest and best friend, you can call it my companion also. I. E my dear diary. 

Everytime, it has given me strength, company like a true best friend. In a conservative society like ours, if you dare to think different, think good for society  you need to have a reliable trustworthy friend. For me it was, it is, it will be my diary. 

It has help me grow as a better person at last I feel that. In sometime will also write how to start your diary, in case anyone wants to try my best friend. Love you guys. 


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