Stories that touched my heart 

1.puss ki raat by munshi premchand

Premchand is known for his depiction of poor farmers and middle class family. This story in comic way show the irony of a debt ridden farmer. How he got only 3bucks,and in those three bucks either he can repay loan or buy himself a blanket, the story takes an unusual turn when he has to guard his fields on the chillies night of winter I. E puss ki raat. I insist you all to read it. It’s light yet heart melting. 

2.The necklace by  Guy de Maupassant

It is a story about a young ambitious lady and her unfulfilled life ambitions. How just by borrowing a necklace by her friend turns her life up and down. It’s a story which stays very deep and long in my heart. .

3.leaving home by jabbar patel

It’s a story about the chronicle of a mother and wife journey to leave her in laws and child behind to make her own identity. In all this how her husband stand strong and supports her in that conservative society really captivated my mind. 

I have more stories to share with you guys. The more I keep recalling them, will keep on posting them. Thanks and love you all



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