Two  most prominent enemies:exam time and sleep 

Since my exams are approaching, and I am also going the same vicious cycle of two most prominent enemies during exam sleep and studying. I thought why not to share it with you all. 

I myself as a person have difficulty in sleeping, most of days I suffer from not sleeping soundsound, though I spend good no of hours lying in bed. I read many articles about how to cure this problem. Every where answer was the same,I have to become discipline and become punctual with my sleeping timings. 

And as usual I failed to do both. But the moment I come to know only some days have been left for exams. I feel like books are my sleeping pills and the moment I saw them I just fell asleep 

Jokes apart the reason is stress and lack of concentration. I feel so much stressed due to notion of exam that I tend to sleep more and more. The stress cause to switch off my mind, and send signals that I need to sleep. 

Then I start to look for the things so that I can save myself to  fall into the sleep trap. And I realized that I can do this if I push myself to a certain hourshours, so that I can maintain my sleep cycle. 

Well I must say have achieved  some success here but still need to do more. I realized it’s all mind game. It’s all about the inputs you gave to your brain if you will send positive signals, be determined, work on your schedule and routine you can do anything. 


4 thoughts on “Two  most prominent enemies:exam time and sleep 

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  1. actually i fell into the same trap. and its hard for me to go out of it. i wish i could have my regime again 😀 but i think i m too lazy to do it


  2. I totally feel you on this one. My sleep cycle was horrible in college. It was even harder when I took on two jobs when I moved back home in January. Developing a routine of when to sleep is a definite need. Also, scheduling your studying time to be more effective, especially during midterm and finals season, will help you maintain your sleep cycle, thereby helping you maintain your energy levels for all activities. I hope that helps. =)

    P.S. learning to master power naps (10-20 min) are great rest times for stressful/burnt out situations 😉

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