How much is too much

Indian society is in transcending phase, here parents teach their kids to dream big#(not to big), fly(not to high), it’s better to not to teach them and let them explore them on their own. These lines are so casual and common that in hindsight, we have actually forget, the depth and impact on a child’s future. 

How much is too much needs to be defined,i.e how much be parents in their kids life, how much they be into it. It’s so open to debate. And it’s been debated for so long. 

Generation gap, generation issues were always there and will there always be. All we need to do  is to give some space, so that everyone can breath. 

Dreams should not be restricted, and flies can never be slow down. Dream big fly high. If nothing you can do atleast try


3 thoughts on “How much is too much

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  1. what u said is true to a certain section..there are others also,one where parents don’t care what they doing with their lives, whom they are dating,how are they coping with life pressures and realities,so the solutions such kids find may or may not be good for them but they are sure to find a way of the present situation. Too much or too little of everything is bad.


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