The hurt game continues  part 2:mia and rishi

Mia and rishi met under very unusual circumstances, and what was more unusual was that, they managed to survive with each other for the continuing three years. 

Mia and rishi were first and true love of each other, both fell for each other at very mature age at a point where falling in someone love is difficult, as both the individual are grown up. 

God only knows how the miracle happen and they manage, they both feel the  same way at least. 

These three years have not been so easy for them. With lot of hurt and past baggages. Which led us to present situation of fight and hurt

Rishi knows deep inside that how wrong he is and how much damage he was causing, but because of his own incapacity, he was not  able to do anything 

On the  other hand Mia, also distracted herself and started to recover. They both realize even fighting was not the answer as in the situation they are trapped in only time is the solution 


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