Birthday blues :mia and rishi

“Being in a commited relationship sometimes becomes the source of pain in life and one starts to thinkthink, the other scenario of wishful thinking, like it would have been better if I have been singl, atleast  won’t feel so lonely and sad being in a relationship with someone.”

That was exact thought going on mom’s mind. Rishi has never been so emotionally vermin as Mia wanted him and sometimes  rather than giving comfort he ends up giving more pain and issues. 

Samething happened again, it’s Mia birthday two days from today, and rishi is sick of bacterial infection.due to past so many issues, Mia had hurt lot of hurt, and she didn’t wanted him to be there. 

But when he finally said he won’t be coming,in not so please take manner she felt hurt. 

Mia cried and her anger busted out, with all frustration. Irony was she was all alone and shouting. So no one knew that.

Poor Mia she felt she is compromising on everything and now her birthday too. She sat sadly and become determined that, she will not let her happiness depend on anyone and be more independent  and fierce. 


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