The hurt game continues :Mia and rishi

I feel silent I side exploding with hurt and grief exclaims Mia. Sitting on a rocking chair in her room, headphones plugged, with full internal emotional turmoil. It’s been three years for Mia and ridhi being together both are in their age Mia 27 and rishi 29.things lately have started to turnout very disturbing and draining for Mia. 

Two days back again things got repeated. 

Rishi: Mia you should let your hurts know me. 

Mia:I don’t want, as somethings got repeated, and I don’t want to be lashed out and hurthurt. 

Things turn out exactly what Mia told. She explains how hurt she has been feeling from him and he again turned lashes out at hurt, not just for sometime full night 

And now we are here in present time. Mia feeling sad and hurt and rishi again asks her same question. 

Mia replies, I am tired and fed up of you, how selfish and self centric you are, you have drained my feelings and emotions outout. You have made me so miserable that, once used to be cheerful and bubbly girl, now a dead within inside. But alas again she was not able to speak out because of her love. 


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