Lost within myself

It’s my third attempt for civil services, and it’s just 30 days away now, everything now which I look forward to see in my life sort of depend on it heavily which sometimes or I can rephrase it many times.makes me very vulnerable. All things which you want depending on one exam. This time I am in much better mental health as Compared to last year every thing is much better compared to last two years but the truth is I am scared I am he’ll scared (solid phat rahi Hai meri). In many ways I am angry by myself only, knowing the fact time is less due to stress my working performance level is decreasing which in a way kills me. I know deep down under I can do it. I will do it. But for that I need to get out this lazy state. It’s being said that the biggest enemy of yurselves is you only. So I admit I am my biggest enemy and I am going to fight myself I will not scum to myself I will fight 


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